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To explore the topic of heart health this month, I’d like to touch on a topic that isn’t well known among the general population: Costochondritis.

Costochondritis is a benign cause of chest pain, and is more common than you think. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons for chest pain in both men and women. Costochondritis is defined as inflammation of the cartilage connecting the ribs to the sternum, or breastbone. It can cause sharp pain on either side of the chest, and may radiate into the shoulder or arm on the same side. You may also notice a discomfort when taking a deep breath or coughing.

While the symptoms can be quite frightening, the reason costochondritis comes on is less clear. A physical injury or fall on the area, a recent infection, or excessive coughing or sneezing may be to blame. Many times the rib itself is out of alignment (a rib subluxation) causing increased inflammation with each breath in and out.

The treatment for costochondritis can vary from icing the area to getting a chiropractic adjustment to the rib and accompaning vertebra that is out of alignment. The adjustment can be a bit uncomfotable, but the relief is generally instantaneous if this is the cause of the irritation. The treatment of ice will calm down the inflammation and allow you to heal with less pain.

DISCLAIMER: Chest pain is an emergency. All chest pains and concerns should be reported to and checked out by your physician. This article is meant to be purely educational and does not replace a visit to your physician.


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