Tempe Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

pregnancy chiropractic adjustmentCongrats!  You have a baby on board! Pregnancy can be a time of joy and anticipation, yet for some, the experience is colored by pain, discomfort, and illness.

Did you know that pregnancy chiropractic treatments are both safe and effective in relieving back pain throughout your pregnancy as well as preparing your body for easier labor & delivery?  For pregnant moms-to-be that is some terrific news!

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnant women undergo many structural and hormonal changes that affect the spine, nerves, joints, ligaments, connective tissues, the center of gravity, and stability. Dr. Bennett can ensure that the spinal column, pelvis, and related structures are balanced, moving easily and free of vertebral subluxations. When free of vertebral subluxation, the mother-to-be experiences pregnancy at a greater level of comfort, health, and vitality and can better handle the stress of childbirth.

Since nearly all drugs and medications can cause fetal damage or malformations it is important for pregnant women to avoid them as much as possible. Chiropractic’s drugless approach is another reason why it is valued during pregnancy. Pregnancy chiropractic care helps pregnant and birthing women a number of ways. Chiropractors have been performing spinal adjustments on pregnant women for over a hundred years and have noted that chiropractic spinal corrective care can help with many of the problems associated with pregnancy.

Both Dr. Bennett and Dr. Bond have completed additional pregnancy chiropractic training with the ICPA and are certified in the Webster Technique for safe and effective pregnancy chiropractic care.  For more information about the Webster Technique or pregnancy chiropractic care visit the ICPA website.

Choose safe and effective pregnancy pain relief.

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