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Pediatric chiropractic differs from the chiropractic care adults are accustomed to. Children have the same joints we do, they are just not fully formed and more cartilaginous. Thus, the adjustments are much lighter in force and many times resemble a massage to the parent in our youngest patients.  

For young babies, the most common complaints are colic, sleep issues, and trouble nursing.  The goal of treatment is to restore motion to the joints and balance the tissues. This allows the body to develop without asymmetries and compensatory behaviors. In addition, we check for oral tethers and refer to multiple practitioners for treatment if warranted. Oral tethers refer to the tongue and/or lip tied down and interfering with nursing, feeding, or speech. We also work with the child post-treatment to gently release the soft tissue tension surrounding the mouth and jaw region. 

Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustments:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Helps with Breastfeeding
  • Ease Colic Symptoms
  • Boost Immune System
  • Aid in Physical Development

When it comes to ear infections, chiropractic care help when an antibiotic isn’t warranted  (infection is viral) or when they become recurrent. With the infection, the fluid becomes trapped in the middle ear, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Even with an antibiotic, the fluid remains and the infection may return. By working on the tissues in the neck, ear, and upper back region, the muscles may relax allowing the fluid able to drain.

Older children benefit from chiropractic care as well! From babies learning to sit, toddlers learning to walk, to rapid growth in the elementary years, there are many milestones that are good times to get kiddos checked out. Our teens notice a huge benefit during sports and developmental changes.

Together, we can improve their quality of life by keeping their bodies moving and allowing their nervous system to work the best it can!

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