Aubrey Fry   Aubrey is the friendly face at our front desk.  She is the first point of contact for new and existing patients, and manages all patient check-in, scheduling, records and other miscellaneous needs. Aubrey has more than a decade of experience in customer service, and truly loves her administrative role.  She is passionate about helping others and is proud to work at Bodywise Chiropractic. She truly cares about EACH and EVERY patient and loves to be even a small part of their journey to wellness.

Anna Filipski is our Medical Biller.

Lori Rassiccia Lori is our chiropractic assistant assisting our patients with their rehabilitation, stretching, and laser therapy. She began studying strength training and corrective exercise after years of suffering with pain from sciatica and various muscle imbalances. She decided to seek out the root causes of my discomfort rather than quick fixes for short term relief. Chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy were an integral part of her journey and she wanted to understand how it all works. When she discovered that strengthening and balancing my foundational and postural muscles gave me not only long term relief but also complemented her therapies, she was intrigued. She wanted to know everything she could about the musculoskeletal system, the mind body connection and all aspects of human movement. She wants to help everyone to learn to work with their bodies, to heal dysfunction instead of yielding to the pain.  For over 10 years, she has spent most of her free time studying fitness, strength, and learning how the human body functions as a unit. There is so much to learn every day and she hopes she can help you get back to moving comfortably.

Jezaree McNuttJezaree McNutt is the owner of Active Lifestyle Therapy, and offers both Massage Therapy and Fascial Stretch Therapy inside of BodyWise Chiropractic. Jezy has been practicing massage since 2006 and has been teaching massage for almost 10 years now.  She is certified in a number of different modalities and practices; some of which include Fascial Stretch Therapy, Yoga, Life and Health Coaching, and Structural Integration.  She is passionate about getting people out of pain and helping her clients move and perform better.  Jezy offers therapeutic massage therapy or her own style of Stretch-Massage, which is a clothed treatment geared to improve movement. Website to read more or book a session:

Kathy Martinez is a Level III Fitness Fascial Stretch Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer. Kathy’s empathic approach and eclectic corrective exercise knowledge base has allowed her to own and operate a thriving personal training and wellness business, in Tempe, AZ for 20 years. Kathy frequently collaborates with the BodyWise staff providing complementary treatment strategies.

As a Level 3 Fitness Fascial Stretch Specialist, Kathy’s successes with a wide age range of clients (from 17-90 years old) allow her a unique perspective to help all individuals who want to improve their life in movement. In addition to relieving restrictions, she provides direction for clients to understand how their individual movement issues can be contributing to their discomfort.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Kathy brings a focused intensity to her work, helping clients discover better movement strategies. Her background in diverse training methods help clients learn their bodies, reduce pain, and improve their everyday movement quality. She is passionate about telling clients that “we are all athletes in our own individual way. Movement is a key component to life, and we must all take an active role in our movement health.”

You can contact Kathy at 602-670-6308 or visit

Odette James provides massage therapy.





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