Active Release Technique Fascial Stretch Therapy Tempe AZWhy BodyWise?

Maybe you’ve tried chiropractic before and are interested in starting care again.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to give chiropractic a try, but aren’t sure what the first step is.  With the plethora of offices around, the challenge is generally deciding which office will help you best meet your goals.  I think you’ll find our office is different in a number of ways, and they all benefit you, our patient!

1.  You might get to hear our voice mail before speaking with us…

Have you called our office, only to find our voice mail picks up?  While this can be a minor inconvenience, it actually benefits you.  How?

Those of you that have visited BodyWise Chiropractic know we’re a small, lower volume office.  Because of this, the office is not staffed at the front desk, and it is not uncommon for Dr. Bobbie to be answering the phone between patients.

If you reach voicemail during office hours we are assisting patients, and will return your call promptly.  Many times we can get you on the schedule that day, so be patient and you’ll be feeling better in no time!

So…. how does this benefit you?  Because we are able to keep overhead down, our fees are more affordable for you!

2.  There’s more than one way to pay…

We still accept insurance for care, but know that copay and deductible amounts continue to increase.  Our solution?  We have some incredible new packages available for those of you without insurance coverage or looking for maintenance care.  Who knew chiropractic care could be so affordable?!   Stop by and we’ll show you the exciting things we’ve introduced!

3.  Our office is really a one stop shop for chiropractic, massage therapy, stretch therapy, nutritional therapy, and personal training…

We share space with some incredible people! We are all dedicated to helping our patients and clients achieve their goals, whether it’s completing a 5k, increasing function, learning to relax, or decreasing headaches.

Dr. Bobbie, owner of BodyWise Chiropractic, offers chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, Active Release Technique, Fascial Stretch Therapy and the Webster Technique (for pregnancy chiropractic treatment).

Mark, owner of Ultimate Fitness and Rehabilitation, has functional 30-minute workouts available for a very reasonable price.  He works with all fitness levels, and I guarantee you’ll leave knowing it was money well spent!

Kathy, owner of Empowering Bodies Personal Training, offers one-on-one training sure to improve your form and activate those muscles that are just aching to spring to life!

Becky, owner of studio b massage therapy, offers everything from traditional massage therapy to raindrop therapy, a relaxing massage done with essential oils.

Why wait?  We’re ready to help you achieve your health goals!

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